In this current era of technology disruptions to traditional methods of shopping via brick and mortar shops. Our team at Terra Byte recognise what you as our customer wants. Because the products are what we as a consumer like yourself will want and the prices are what we hope to buy at. For any small, medium or large retail electronic shops, they have an overhead cost every month comprising of basics for example shop rental, shop attendants, cashiers and employee salaries etc. By removing the physical need for overheads in maintaining a physical shopfront, we transfer the savings we saved to you our customers.

Which is the very reason why personal shoppers as well as corporate company purchasers are starting to take notice of Terra Byte. We are Singapore founded and owned. Our customer service model is one which is and will probably never will be copied or followed. We actually cater to individual purchases with over the phone enquiry and quotations. We welcome all, be it personal enquiries or corporate purchases. In the case of products which is not available on our website, we also offer free sourcing for you, simply let us know the brand and model and other detailed specifications. Then we will do the rest for you.

We pride ourselves as a one-stop shop for all computer and IT related gadgets and products. Our lower than retail price is a standard for us, else why will you shop online? Us at Terra Byte does not forget our existing and regular customers, our way of saying thank you is by offering you referral electronic e-vouchers. Please enquire with our friendly customer service team for more info.