How do I place an order?

1) Log in to your account

If you do not have an account with us, you must first add an account by selecting SIGN UP. If you already have an account with us, please select LOG IN.

2) Browse the products via the category/brand or search for your desired products. Read through the product details followed by choosing your delivery mode and adding it to your shopping cart.

3) To access your cart page, click ‘Add to cart’

4)  At the bottom of the cart page, key in your coupon code (if any) otherwise please proceed to Step 5. 

5) Select Checkout and fill in your shipping/billing address and proceed to make payment. 

6) You will be directed to order success page and receive an order confirmation email notifying you that your order has been placed successfully.


When can I receive the goods after placing the order?


A: In the case that the goods are in stock, the goods can be received within 24 hours after the order is placed (the suburban county delivery time may be longer);

Users in other regions will be different according to your shipping address and the delivery method selected. Generally, the arrival time is 1-7 days (the delivery time may be longer in remote areas);

If the item is in the reservation or in transit, then the time of the allocation should also be added.


How do I use my voucher codes?

Voucher codes can be only used during checkouts.

1) At payment step, enter your voucher code in the voucher code box and click APLLY

2) A corresponding deduction will be applied to your total amount

  What shipping option does Terrabyte offer?


  We provide:

1) Singpost

2) Overseas shipping

3) Self-collection


Forgot your account password?


Don't worry, the Terrabyte website provides a password recovery service. You can click the forgot password and follow the system prompts.

The operation steps are as follows:

1. On the Terrabyte website login page, click Forgot password

2. Follow the prompts to fill in your registered email address and verification code on the Terrabyte website.

3. The system prompts to send the “Password Reset” email successfully. If you have not received the email for a long time, you can click “Resend”.

4. Log in to your personal email address and find “Terrabyte Website New Password Reset Confirmation Letter Terrabyte Website New Password Reset Confirmation Letter” Click “Set New Password”

5. According to the system prompts, you can set a new password


In order to ensure the security of customer registration information, Terrabyte website only provides online password recovery service. If you forget the Terrabyte website registration email or forget to register your email login password, please register new user.


How do I get my refund back to my bank card?


A: In the complaint center, please leave relevant information, such as the bank card's account opening bank ( detailed to the branch), account opening name, card number, the relevant personnel will handle it for you, the refund period depends on whether your goods are issued, if the goods are not out of stock The refund will be completed within three working days; if the goods have been delivered, the goods will be returned to our logistics center for refund.