The Terrabyte website promises to provide the full return service within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the customer (subject to the date of the invoice, if there is no invoice on the date of the Terrabyte website delivery list), if the following conditions are met:

1. The outer packaging of the goods and the goods themselves is not damaged, and the original quality of the Terrabyte website is kept as it is;

2. Indicate the reason for the return, if the product has quality problems, please be sure to explain

3. To ensure that goods and accessories, accessories or gifts, warranty cards, three-package vouchers, invoices, Terrabyte website delivery list is complete;

4. If there are some quality problems in some of the complete sets of goods, a complete set of goods must be provided when returning the goods;

5. Terrabyte some of the goods website is the Terrabyte provide businesses signed contracts website, please return these goods and business links

The following conditions will not be returned:

1. Any item not sold by Terrabyte website;

2. Any used goods, except for quality problems;

3. Any product that causes quality problems due to abnormal use and storage.


If there is any quality problem, please contact the after-sales department of the manufacturer directly according to the contact information on the manual; the plastic packaging has been opened and will not be returned, except for quality problems.


1) Within 7 days from the date the customer receives the goods (subject to the date of the invoice), there may be non-human quality problems with a valid test report to choose to return.

2) Within 8 to 15 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the customer (subject to the invoice date), there may be non-human quality problems. You can choose to replace the same type of goods with the valid test report.

3) From the date the customer receives the goods (subject to the invoice date), there are non-human quality problems that can be guaranteed free of charge at the local warranty point within 16 days to one year. Please refer to the warranty card for the accessory warranty.

4) For your own rights and interests, please keep the invoice and warranty card properly. If there is any quality problem, please bring the invoice and warranty card to the local inspection point for inspection, so as not to cause unnecessary loss to you.

5) Return and exchange requirements: Warranty card, invoice, Terrabyte website delivery list, effective test report are all complete, and the accessories are complete, the package is intact, otherwise it will not be accepted.

6) Please check the warranty card in all parts of the country.

7) No test report is accepted, and the return request is not within the specified time.

8) The postage generated by the replacement is borne by the buyer and the seller. Exchanged goods will be sent by post.

9) If you need to return the goods, please contact Terrabyte website customer service first, under the guidance of customer service staff, all return by mail.

Note: The standard mail customer mainly uses the signing date on the parcel list.